Trigger time >>

Your feathers are routinely ruffled. Something about them gets right under your skin. It’s like they are hell-bent on pushing your buttons. You give yourself the talking to, try and shift your focus but no. You have triggered again.

You catch the look, you feel the vibe. You notice how they have an angle on everything you do- a challenge for your ideas and suggestions. You want to be the adult in the room, but deep down inside it’s winding you up like a clock. Nothing raises your hackles more. Are others starting to notice your frustration build?

The truth is, you are letting the aggravation take over and it’s not good for you. You are allowing the dynamic to derail your focus. There is something about the way they behave that triggers you and it’s time to take a step back to consider why.

Maybe they are acting as a mirror, even though you hate to admit it. Or maybe there is a personality clash around how you manage factors like time, detail or change. Either which way, you owe it to yourself. Everywhere there is a challenge there is learning.
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