Too hot to handle!

Too hot to handle? When passion for work gets ugly.

Your mind is fixated, finite and firmly focused on the job. You keep going even when you know you should stop. You keep going when they say you should stop. Your passion is constantly cooking on gas.

Your identity is so hinged on your work that without it, you doubt you’d recognise yourself in the mirror. The internal pressure within you is so strong that you smoulder while you sleep, simply killing time until you can resume rigid persistence.

You’ve reached the peak of obsessive passion and you wear the badge with pride. Yes, you are conflicted between the other obligations in your life; but your obsessive passion masks the insecurities you’d rather forget. But despite your focus, it’s fierceness undermines your confidence and satisfaction in life.

You regularly become defensive, frustrated and despite denial, at times even aggressive. Lesser mortals scarper at the stress and intensity of your passion, taking cover wherever they can. Until boom, you combust into ferocious flames, burnt out and broken; or slap, you feel the sobering wrath of your hand being forced out the HR door.

The one thing you thought you couldn’t pull away from is nothing more than a cinder. Now, to rise or reprise? #eq #coaching #HR #passion

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