So you’re ready to get what you want:

If you’re booking an appointment to prove it cant be done, Your right it can’t. I can open the door but you got to walk through it.

Before we start, You can wish to be a number one singer, but if you have zero talent – It’s not going to happen!  Not every dream and wish can come true, you have to have some reality and perspective and I will give that to you.

This call is as much about me seeing if I want to work with you as much as it is about you wanting to work with me.

I don’t like the gym, so I’m certainly not carrying your dead weight. You got to be ready to take action.

If you’re teary and weary go for counselling first.  I will be here when you want to Get Shit Done

If you’re still reading, I can’t wait to see where you will be once our worlds collide.