!!!! Mind Blown !!!

Nothing drains and demotivates you like pages of repetitive information or excessive detail. Pouring over the finer parts is not your strong point. It quickly becomes a heavy burden that interferes with your master plan. It may even unleash an unhelpful emotional state or a disruptive streak. After all, us BIG picture thinkers are at our best when free to dream and create.

Your ideal relationships are with people that love to fill in the detail for you. Now doesn’t that sound harmonious!
Consider the tasks you take on. If you find yourself knee deep in necessary detail, take some serious breaks. Keep it as visual and as summarised as possible.

Map it out at the top level first and flesh it out under clear headings and bullet points. If things get too intense call for help, loudly. Someone detailed is bound to have a list and some supplies. Make them a coffee and keep them sweet. This could be a beautiful and rewarding friendship. #vision #creative #collaborate

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