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I have mentored multiple clients. Here are just a few who have shared their personal success after working with me. From Career and addiction to rising from a rut ...

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Adding additional revenue streams, outside the box thinking, Owner oxygen programme. Business modernisation, events, marketing and sales strategies. De-clutter and simplify easing immediate stress ...

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Get yourself a personal Accountability Coach! Therapy works for some, yoga, gym, diets for others. Maybe you will combine them all but none will be as satisfying as ...

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Peter Hird

Accountability Coach

Sound like you…?

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling work scenario?  Justifying it to yourself because you need to pay bills – so you can’t change or leave?  Do you believe that now you’re older that’s just how it is?  You’re too old to learn anything new, and internet sensations just do not seem real to you?  Your friends are all so busy at weekends, while yours simply come and go unfulfilled?  Your relationship is stale and making you unhappy, you do not know how to fix it, so make do?  Do you believe that waking up, going to work and returning so tired, having a bit of food and sleep then repeating it day after day is all you’re worth?  Then … Wake up and smellthatcoffee.co.uk!!!

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