Glory Hunter’s Trap

Are you struggling to get the recognition you deserve despite your heavy lifting? Maybe you’re falling into the Glory Hunter’s trap.

Artfully vague, non-committal and always sat at the player’s table. The Glory Hunter will happily take full credit for your success. They won’t go down with the sinking ship or steer it to safety unless there is a PR opportunity or play.

They are purely in the game for the awards, the accolade and the adoration. They will make sure they are seen as the one that saved the day and delivered the results.

It’s time for YOU to be seen, heard and remembered. Mark their card and nail them down with commitment and clear accountability. Make sure they earn their prize, rather than claiming it off of your back.

Keep your own profile in mind. What do you want to be known for? Get clear on brand you. Blowing your own trumpet is not a bad thing. If you don’t celebrate and market your successes someone may claim them as their own! #team #personalityhacks #project

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