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From small retailers, local businesses, even large corporations will all be adjusting. Will you? Everyone needs a little help, from somewhere to thrive in 2020 and beyond…

If you believe what you did before will achieve this, in our post-pandemic future, this is not for you. If you are looking for some support, read on…

Do you own a small business? Do you keep hearing about blogs, social media, email lists, and investments inexpensive websites in the future? I am here to tell you the world is not all online, yet anyway. You can still carve your fortune from the real world by using real down-to-earth common-sense approaches and hard work. If you like me believe business is achieved by the people for the people then there are still many proven ways to earn and adjust to the online world and win offline. I can help you start a blended approach and deploy an age-old and mostly forgotten model trust, value, and service model. Only a fool runs a business on cost comparison.

Do you consider our economic markets to be unpredictable and trading with historic systems and processes may not be the solution in a new modern world. As we speed towards the inclusion of AI and automation in nearly all sectors never has the human to human and empathetic services been more valuable in business. Many may have taken a pounding in the pandemic times however for quick thinkers agile workers there is plenty of low-hanging fruit in the short term plus tremendous opportunity long term for those who are brave to adjust the sails as the winds of change blow!

Are you an action taker? or a dynamic business ready to evolve maybe you are stuck in your beliefs and previously proven ways? yet you know change is the inevitable future.

It’s time to reach out and get yourself a mentor for you & your business. Mentors are not just for the rich and famous. You can afford one, you do need one and together we can create massive steps forwards in your business, by being agile and adopting fresh insight and perspective creating growth!

I offer bespoke services for each client and I treat my clients as if the project was my own business. I like to work with a partner mentality. I take my commitment to you seriously, holding myself accountable for your personal and business success. Ready to receive positive momentum in your business.


Services I can offer

90-day massive action plan

Unique action-orientated ideas

Team Training/owner oxygen

Automation Modernisation suggestions (Provide you with more time)

Agile working application (Reducing costs and identifying new approach)

Design new revenue streams

Blow away the cobwebs (No more this is the way we have always done it!)

The above are just to name a few services and skillsets available at your disposal, a business mentor will be with you every step of the way holding you accountable to the agreed actions to nudge your business back on track, in a disrupted market.

Prices available on request. I guarantee value, hard work, and commitment to your business. If you are ready to take action I look forward to working with you soon…